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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Life is a puzzle, I'm solving it!

Caught up between two worlds … Life couldn't be any more complicated than it already is for us human beings. Its becoming a bit like one of those annoyingly compelling 1000 piece puzzles, which we love to start but cannot, for the life of us,  wait to end. I guess we've all started our own type of puzzle we like to call our lives, but it is not one of those puzzles we can set aside and forget about, because the frustration of simply not finding the right pieces to complete it, will just consume most of our time. I mean it would be nice to see the finished product, don’t you think? After all this time and effort we put into it, we do expect to see some positive results, a beautiful one that is…a bit like an artist’s masterpiece that we can be proud to show off.

The endless hours of staring at a load of pieces that do not seem to 'fit' together does take its toll. But my gosh when a piece fits into the other, it truly feels like an accomplishment, We get this sense of satisfaction which gives us this little but encouraging push we've been yearning for to brave it out and continue till the end. Now whether or not we find another piece is purely down to luck and our ability to see properly… but in this context let’s say its fate or destiny. But both of these are neither systematic nor planned, so finding a new piece is as exciting as the other. They take time and effort and believe me these puzzles give us so much patience we didn't even know we possessed.

The way that I see it, life is like one big puzzle, every day you find a piece to complete an incomplete masterpiece. Its a challenge and like any other with it comes its ups and downs. Every puzzle and challenge requires patience and concentration and without perfecting these two things the puzzle will seem so much more complicated than it really is. 

With every puzzle ,every piece has its purpose and unique role to play in completing the masterpiece  So you cannot force something that isn't meant to be, if one piece doesn't fit do not force it. Because whatever you do, it will never have a place in that part of the puzzle. If you force it, you force the whole masterpiece to change and not for the better. It will always be incomplete because your lack of patience and belief would have destroyed what could have been something so beautiful.  So when it comes down to it, do not rush into it, remember perfection takes time. And let me remind you it isn't a one man game, that’s what makes it so much fun. The key is to remember when your stuck there will always be an option of asking for help. You’re not alone in your endeavors because everyone has their own puzzle to complete, its just a matter of finding the right person who can help you find the next piece .  So do not push them away, you never know their help, one day, may just guide you or even find the next missing part of your puzzle.

And once complete you can start another but one even bigger and better! It’s a never ending game. 

And remember: repeat these next few words when you feel like life is getting you down: 

Life is a gift, I accept it. 
Life is an adventure, I dare it. 
Life is a puzzle, I'm solving it.
Life is a game, I'm playing it. 
Life can be a struggle, I'm facing it. 
Life is beautiful, I praise it. 
Life is an opportunity, I took it. 
Life is my mission, I'm fulfilling it!!

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