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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dear Activist....

Thank you for going out and trying your best to help make the world a better place. Your courage and strength is something a lot of us lack. I commend you for your hard work and for the sacrifices you have made , to a point that you have risked your life for us. I thank you for all this but I only praise those who do it out of the purest of their hearts and not for their own personal gain. 

Do not get me wrong this letter is not a letter of thanks but it is a letter to advice you on a few things I have noticed. I am writing to remind you of the responsibilities you have once you take up this position as an 'activist'. I would like to remind you that, whether or not you are from the country you are fighting for, you must remember the image and history you represent. This is a big responsibility in which you must protect with honour and handle with the up most of care. This title of 'activist' is not a fashionable one , it is not one you can throw around when it best suits you. Not one that you should use when you want to boost your ego because you 'feel' like passing time. You and I know the cause is far larger than anyone can imagine and you know that risk must be taken. It is not something easy to take up. Not something anyone can handle. 

This is not a lesson, please don't get me wrong, this is in no way of me preaching to you on how you 'should' do your job but I would like to help you understand that not everything you do leads to something positive. I have seen what the other side is capable of , I have seen my brothers and sisters fall in front of my very eyes  and between you and I,  I do not wish to see another human being go through the same thing. I know you support us but please do not be reckless because you not only put us in danger but you put yourself in  danger too. I have seen too much and can't take it any more.  Too much blood has been spilt on my land , our fruits and trees bleed with our martyrs blood. Our fathers and mothers have seen their children die before them, I do not wish the same for your family. So please when you come, come prepared. Think before you act. I know you want to take part, and by all means do take part but remember you are not alone. 

Remember when you throw that stone, when you confront your enemies.... remember the cause you represent and always remember that you are one of many and this is not a lone cause. 

And when you come back tell the tale of oppression and tell it with passion and humility. Tell it as it is, but with modesty. Tell it so when you speak you feel your audiences hearts soften and hear the tears fall down their cheeks. But do not and let me repeat myself do not be a fool and speak too fast, because the tongue at times can be our greatest enemy, if you are unable to control it do not use it at all. I know you are angry but so are we. We are angry that people portray us in the wrong way, so please do not be one of them. I know you mean well, and you think this is your way of being passionate but a lot of people do not see it that way. Do not conform to this stereotypical view of being 'angry' citizen, because what good will come from this anger??? I see no results, do you?? 

 Can't you see the way forward  is through changing the way people think and all you're doing is expressing YOUR opinion and not ours? How do you expect change when you think it is your cause alone. Take my advice and take a moment to breathe and reflect on the bigger picture, I know it is tough when you see it all but imagine living it day in day out. Patience is a virtue my fellow activist and education thrives on it. 
 So please soften your heart to soften others. I know right now you may not see it as the best thing to do but trust me, passion has many ways of being expressed and using profanity is not one of them. Please educate yourself before you go representing a nation and think about the generations you speak about. An oppressed nation deserves its voice to be heard and it deserves to be given the respect it has always yearned for. So please listen to me when I say give this nation the time and effort it needs before you open your mouth.  You represent the masses and if you speak wrongly you are going against those vows you made when you took it upon yourself to be called an 'activist'. 

Aim to change and not anger!

Sincerely yours,

The Oppressed. 

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